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Developing an Editorial Calendar for Your Nonprofit Marketing Team

Salsa Labs | Aug. 2013

Two years ago, the nonprofit I work for was doing quite well with our marketing. Our communications calendar was pretty darn straightforward. And then I blinked.

A New Kind of Worker for the Impact Economy

Net Impact | Dec. 2012

Some call them competencies. MBAs call them skill sets. Fast Company named an entire generation after those who’ve reinvented them (Generation Flux). But it boils down to this: our economy is shifting dramatically, and the modern worker must adapt.

The New CSR Department:
Corporate Intrapreneurs Forge Another Path

Stanford Social Innovation Review | Mar. 2011

For those looking to bring environmental or social change to their company, the path has traditionally been to pursue dedicated roles such as director of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) or sustainability manager. But change initiatives are very often driven by intrapreneurs — individuals working in so-called “conventional” roles — beyond the scope of dedicated CSR departments.

Beyond the Sweatshop:
Developing Tools for Supply Chain Assessment

Triple Pundit | Oct. 2010

Consumers’ concern for the social impacts of any given product or service is increasingly driving their purchasing behavior. This has left companies large and small scrambling to account for those impacts, which can often be difficult to parse and even more difficult to measure.

Design Thinking for Social Innovation:
A Conversation with IDEO’s Sally Madsen

Triple Pundit | Oct. 2010

As the private sector begins to embrace the possibility that social innovation can lead to a robust bottom line, companies face the very real challenge of figuring out what these efforts might actually look like on the ground.

Information Overload (pdf)

HOW Design magazine | Apr. 2009

Once relegated to academic textbooks and snooze-inducing PowerPoint slides, information graphics are suddenly everywhere. Here’s what you need to know to create effective infographics in an information-saturated world.

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