I’m a UX and content strategist with a decade-plus history of translating good ideas into great experiences.

Jess Sand, UX & Content Strategy, Oakland CA

Born and raised on the East Coast, I moved to the Bay Area nearly twenty years ago. I most recently served as Senior UX Content Strategist at GoPro, integrating content strategy into the software design process from the ground up. I’ve written about design, business, and sustainability for online and print outlets, led digital communications for a global nonprofit, spent six years running a solo communications practice, and my design work has been featured in a book or two.

Now, I help teams get to the heart of why they create the content they do, and help them identify ways to do it better. 

I ask questions that often challenge the status quo, and translate the answers into content-first experiences that genuinely work for the people using them. Because of this, I particularly love working with risk takers and change makers.

My approach is cross-functional and hands-on. Sometimes it’s challenging and sometimes it’s hilarious. But it’s always about meaningful experiences created by real people for real people.

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