• 2019

    5 Easy Ways to Reduce Your Content Overhead

    How much time do you spend managing content? Do you spend all day fielding the same questions over and over? Are you scrambling to keep up with a voracious publishing schedule? For too many of us, busy work makes it a real challenge to cross anything off the to-do list. Here are a few ideas that can make space for the important stuff.
  • 2019

    Don’t Fear the AI (Yet)

    When Chase announced it would be rolling out AI-powered copy across their marketing departments recently, a chill went down the spine of human copywriters everywhere. The global bank is using machine learning and natural language processing to generate ad copy aimed at highly-targeted market segments. But while UX and marketing writers have every reason to feel insecure in their corporate jobs, it shouldn’t be because of AI taking over.
  • 2019

    Riding the Content Curve: the Four Stages of Learning

    Sometimes you learn about a thing and it completely shifts your perception. Years ago, while earning some kind of certificate in sustainable business management, I learned about the four stages of learning and it changed so much about how I approached, well, everything new. The gist of it is pretty straightforward: there are four phases a person can go through when developing a new skill.
  • 2019

    Just Enough Docs: a Lightning Talk About Docs for Onboarding

    Do you actually enjoy writing documentation for your project? This post is adapted from the transcript of a short talk I shared at the Code for America Summit's Brigade Day. While this presentation is specific to brigade teams, it's relevant for any remote development team struggling to bring new team members up to speed.
  • 2018

    WordPress 5.0 and Gutenberg: Get your content ready

    If your organization’s website runs on WordPress, the next upcoming release may be a shock to the system. After much ado and hand-wringing in the WordPress community, 5.0 will introduce Gutenberg, an entirely new interface for creating and editing posts. Not everyone is happy about it (with some even quitting their job over it). So should you be worried? The short answer is: no, but you need to be prepared.
  • 2018

    Content Strategy for Nonprofits: An Interview

    Non-profits often stumble their way through content strategy. The tendency in the sector is to conflate content strategy with content marketing, which way too often focuses on the transactional at the expense of the experiential.
  • 2018

    Finding a Place at the Table for Your Content Strategy Team

    Being a lone wolf content strategist can be...lonely. Hell, content strategy can be lonely even as part of a content team. I know, because I’ve been there. It tweaks my heartstrings when I continue to hear from content strategists who feel like short-order cooks turning out copy strings piece by piece, with no input on how orders are expedited or the menu is planned. In the words (and emoji) of one: “We're struggling to get beyond 'oh you guys just add in the copy at the end' 🙄.” So for those who are struggling, here are some of the lessons I’ve learned (sometimes the hard way) over the years...
  • 2018

    My Father’s Archives

    A little over four years ago, my father died. He was, as many have said of him, a force of nature. Short and portly, with a dark shock of hair worn proudly wild, he told rambling, exaggerated stories. He overindulged. He played a passable clawhammer banjo. He sometimes alienated people with his strong opinions. But he was wildly creative, and the work he did in exhibit design left a permanent mark on his field. In the weeks following his death, I found myself wanting to document all this. So I built a website.
  • 2013

    Exploring Nonprofit Editorial Calendars

    When I first joined Net Impact, the communications calendar was pretty darn straightforward. And then I blinked. Two years in, I was wrangling content for multiple social media channels, an active blog, various email newsletters, and netimpact.org. Coordinating nonprofit editorial calendars across so many channels is no easy feat, and our programming continued to grow. So I set out to rethink how we handled our communications calendar...
  • 2012

    A New Kind of Worker for the Impact Economy

    Some call them competencies. MBAs call them skill sets. Fast Company named an entire generation after those who’ve reinvented them (Generation Flux). But it boils down to this: our economy is shifting dramatically, and the modern worker must adapt...
  • 2009

    Information Overload: Tips for Creating Infographics

    Once relegated to academic textbooks and snooze-inducing PowerPoint slides, information graphics are suddenly everywhere. Here’s what you need to know to create effective infographics in an information-saturated world...