• 2018

    My Father’s Archives

    A little over four years ago, my father died. He was, as many have said of him, a force of nature. Short and portly, with a dark shock of hair worn proudly wild, he told rambling, exaggerated stories. He overindulged. He played a passable clawhammer banjo. He sometimes alienated people with his strong opinions. But he was wildly creative, and the work he did in exhibit design left a permanent mark on his field. In the weeks following his death, I found myself wanting to document all this. So I built a website.
  • 2012

    A New Kind of Worker for the Impact Economy

    Some call them competencies. MBAs call them skill sets. Fast Company named an entire generation after those who’ve reinvented them (Generation Flux). But it boils down to this: our economy is shifting dramatically, and the modern worker must adapt...
  • 2010

    Beyond the Sweatshop: Developing Socially-responsible Supply Chains

    Consumers’ concern for the social impacts of any given product or service is increasingly driving their purchasing behavior. This has left companies large and small scrambling to account for those impacts, which can often be difficult to parse and even more difficult to measure...