• 2020 Making Meaning Through Community Mapping
    I did not expect to get emotional over maps on a wall. But there I was in the Oakland Museum right before the pandemic, face hot and eyes damp, overwhelmed by maps. I’d been working with the West Oakland Environmental Indicators Project to provide narrative strategy and interpretive text for the museum’s "You Are Here: California Stories On the Map" exhibit and now here we were. And I kept thinking about my father.
  • 2018 My Father’s Archives
    A little over four years ago, my father died. He was, as many have said of him, a force of nature. Short and portly, with a dark shock of hair worn proudly wild, he told rambling, exaggerated stories. He overindulged. He played a passable clawhammer banjo. He sometimes alienated people with his strong opinions. But he was wildly creative, and the work he did in exhibit design left a permanent mark on his field. In the weeks following his death, I found myself wanting to document all this. So I built a website.
  • 2013 Exploring Nonprofit Editorial Calendars
    When I first joined Net Impact, the communications calendar was pretty darn straightforward. And then I blinked. Two years in, I was wrangling content for multiple social media channels, an active blog, various email newsletters, and netimpact.org. Coordinating nonprofit editorial calendars across so many channels is no easy feat, and our programming continued to grow. So I set out to rethink how we handled our communications calendar...